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T R A V E L  M A D E  E A S Y
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The answer is simple. It is simply to affiliate with us as a business partner and bring us driving partners. You can register yourself as a business partner in our Website and subsequently you will get a code, once you bring a driver using that code you will be paid commission on every ride he rides, if you are a driver alone the commission will be all yours.
  1. Fast response time
    Doorbi Taxi app is the easiest and fastest way to book a cab or a taxi in your city.
  2. Vast fleet
    We offer taxis in different categories on the doorbi taxi App
  3. Great tariffs
    With fares starting from Rs. 35 per km, doorbi is the most affordable cab booking app in Sri Lanka.
  4. Easy to order
    With a quick and smooth signup process, it won’t take you long while booking your first ride
Luxury Car Service in Minutes
In business all 25 districts
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We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured
Prices that don’t scam clients
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We operate in 25 districts across Sri Lanka

We are simultaneously changing the lives of those who offer rides and those who need them. People are increasingly relying on doorbi's effective services to book a taxi in their city. This is helping several drivers earn a consistent livelihood with integrity.